Friday, 1 December 2017

Doddington Hall Bauble barn!

So today marks the 1st of December... so basically christmas in my eyes, I love christmas and in my eyes it's the best time of the year. All the gorgeous fairy lights, cozy nights and hot chocolates whilst watching all my favourite christmas films.

The other week I went to the gorgeous Bauble barn at Doddington Hall in Lincoln where it was full of baubles in every single colour possible, my personal favourite was the glass baubles however I am way too clumsy to own one myself, I'd end up breaking it before I've paid for it. They also had loads of great secret santa presents such as tea-light holders and packs of fairy lights. Everything was reasonably priced and unique.

It is definitely worth a trip if you live locally, it has made me feel very festive and of course everything was perfect to photograph for my Instagram .. so expect to see plenty of photos throughout the month.

Have you ever been to a bauble barn? I'd love to know what you like to do to get you feeling festive!

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