Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas wishlist!

Hello... Hey! For today's Blogmas post I thought I would do a wishlist as I know I love reading these posts myself, They are great for people who don't know what they want for christmas yet or for any friends or family that may be reading that don't have a clue of what to get it! For all you lovely people I've got you sorted.

This year in particular i've found it really hard to know what I want as Im lucky to be in the position where I can treat myself to the things that I have my eye on, theres always things that you want but realistically will you ever use them, or on the other hands which is more my case there's plenty of things I want which I just can't justify paying the price for.

Random/ Lifestyle:

Dymo Label maker

This is on list because I love organisation and I have the worlds messiest handwritting which even I can't read half the time, so for me this would be perfect to organise my makeup collection and label my drawers with. I really want to get into scrapbooking after watching Gabby from Velvetghost on youtube, In her vlogs she shows her scrapbook where she labels pictures with this and it just looks so neat and authentic.

Tanya Burr christmas book

I love watching  Tanya Burr on youtube and I have followed her for the longest time, she was one of the first youtubers I religiously watched and I have her previous book and loved it, so I would love to receive this one and I love the fact it is all about christmas and has a little bit of everything in it, from beauty to lifestyle right through to baking.

Anna Saccone Leo starsign necklace

I will admit I am not a big jewellery lover, I wear rings and a necklace that charlie got me for our anniversary but thats literally it, I only wear all of those pieces because I never take them off! These necklaces really stand out to me, they are so elegant and dainty and I love the meaning behind her jewellery line.

Christmas PJS

I don't know if it's just me,  but I love the feel of new pjs at christmas time, I love the primark ones they have a huge selection which are so affordable and they last so well! I do have a specific  style that I like and it's the cozy fluffy ones from primark as they just feel so soft and keep you feeling snug throughout winter.


Being the beauty lover that I am, there is always makeup items that I love the look off and want to try out and these are just some of them... otherwise we would be here till christmas!

Jaclyn Hill X morphe palette

This palette looks incredible, it's full of warm toned goodness with some pops of colours throughout. I've heard amazing things about this palette, the matte shades look really pigmented and from what I've heard they are easy to blend, The shimmers look really foiled and almost like a pigment itself. Im excited to get my hands on this and have a play.

Morphe 3502 palette

This palette again is filled with warm tones... can you spot a theme? Anyone would think I like warm tones! This palette is filled with reds and oranges which just look insane! I never splurged on the 350 palette but it was always one that I've had my eye on!

Stila Magnificent metals set

This is a gift set of 3 of the Stila liquid eyeshadows and I have heard so many amazing things about these and have always wanted to get my hands on them but with the high price point of £23 per eyeshadow, I just have never splurged. This set is perfect for anyone wanting to try them out as you get to try them out in a variety of shades before splurging for the full size.

Peaches and Cream pigments ( Gatsby & Mermaze )

I love pigments on the eye and these two in particular really stand out to me, Gatsby is a gold pigment and Mermaze is an iridescent Bluey,  Purple shade which makes any eye look pop.
These pigments are raved about by so many youtubers and makeup artists so Im excited to get my hands on them and give them a go.

So that is all on my wishlist currently however the list may grow as the month goes on... What's on your christmas wishlist?

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