Friday, 2 June 2017

Silicone makeup brush cleaning tool! Are they worth the hype?

Silicone makeup brush cleansing tools have been around for a few years now and have always been so hyped up by bloggers and makeup fanatics, however I've never got round to trying one. The main reason  for this was because I didn't want to add an extra step into what was already a chore to begin with.

Makeup brush cleansing is such an important step into keeping things hygienic and stopping cross contamination of blemishes to other areas on your face. It wasn't until studying beauty therapy that I actually realised how important it was! I roughly clean my everyday brushes once a week and spot cleanse in between uses and give my whole brush collection a deep cleanse every 3 weeks or so (depending on how lazy I'm feelingšŸ˜“)

Onto the actual review, I picked up this tool from a local Avon catalogue and it was around £3 so it's a really affordable product. I chose mine in the colour pink and it took around 2 weeks to arrive. 
It is quite dense in texture and quite thick which I found a positive as it means it should hopefully last quite awhile. It has a little insert where you can hold it with your fingers to make it easier whilst cleaning your brushes. It has different ridged designs on the top which you swirl your brush over to get deep into the bristles and get the product which you maybe would have missed beforehand. 

To clean my brushes I used a small amount of Johnsons baby shampoo onto the cleansing tool and swirled my brush in this till it because a mucky colour. I then ran my brush under the tap to get off the excess product and then repeated for my other brushes.

I think this product is amazing and it definetly cut down the time that it took to clean my brushes, it made it so easy to thoroughly clean my brushes and left them feeling super soft afterwards. I will definitely be incorporating this into my brush cleansing routine every time from now on.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to know if you've tried anything similar and your thoughts on them.


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