Thursday, 11 May 2017

My custom NYX eyeshadow palette!

NYX is a brand which is quite new to me, it's sold in most boots stores and also online on boots and also their own website which I will link here. Not only is it drugstore and affordable but it's also of professional makeup quality. It's perfect for people who are experimenting with makeup and also people who are trained in makeup for their kits.
NYX has products of all the latest trends such as liquid lipsticks for every shade, single eyeshadows like Makeup geek and Morphe and all the latest strobing products.
When I was browsing their makeup stands I was so impressed by the shade variety they had and I decided to pick up some single eyeshadows for my kit in a customisable palette. The palette itself was £5.00 and it fits 9 single shadows. The shadows I picked up were £2.50 each. 
In total my order came to £25.00 which I think is such a great affordable price.

On to the shades, I'm going to start with the top row and go from left to right.

Pixie - This is a champagne shimmery shade which has specs of gold glitter running throughout, I find this is perfect for the eyelid and inner corners, I have found that this isn't the most pigmented shade but I like to spray it with a fixing spray which gets the most pigmentation. I have experienced some fall out with this shade.

Cupcake petit gateau - This is a matte baby pink which is a perfect transitional shade for the crease, it's really buttery to touch and is really pigmented. This shade is really easy to build up on the eye and I don't experience any fall out with this shade.

Stiletto talon aiguille - This is the perfect matte taupe brown shade, it works amazing as a transitional colour to deepen up the crease. Again it's really buttery to touch and has a lot of pigment to it.  I don't experience any fall out with this shade.

Flirt- This a matte cool toned violet shade which is perfect for the crease and I really like this for pink or purple smokey eye looks, it's a really build-able eyeshadow and is really pigmented. I don't experience any fall out with this shade.

On to the middle row, again going left to right.

Guilt trip - This is a matte deep chocolate brown shade, this shade is great for the crease and deepening up the outer corners. It's really pigmented and build able. I do experience a tiny bit of fall out with this shade.

Zen - This is a shimmery olive green which gold glitter undertones, I find this shade to be really pretty all over the lid, I do experience a bit of fall out with this shade and it can look quite muddy on the eye. I find this works the best when using with a fixing spray to get the most pigmentation from it.

On to the last row, again left to right.

STFU - This is the perfect bright matte yellow shade, it is really pigmented and build -able , it's perfect for colourful looks, the only thing I have noticed is you have to use an eye primer as it can stain your eyelids if not.

Wild Orchid - This is the perfect bright matte cherry pink shade, it's very vibrant and pigmented and i find it perfect for more colourful looks. Again with this shade you have to use an eye primer as it can stain your eyelids if not.

Overall I don't think you can go wrong with these eyeshadows, they are all really build able, I have found that the shimmery shades are less pigmented and also can cause fall out but I do my eyeshadow before my face makeup to solve this issue.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Where have I been? 🤔

Hi everyone,

Today's post will be a chatty post to let you all know what's been going on and where i've been for the past month. I can't believe it's been a month since I last posted on here, if I'm honest at the minute all the days seem to blur into one.

For the past nearly 2 years I have been suffering with a stomach condition which affects me daily and the doctors think it could be endometriosis by the symptoms that I have and Im currently undergoing a lot of tests and appointments with a gynaecologist to find out what's exactly going on. But this has been really playing up recently and my flare up's have become a lot more frequent and painful, it's just left me little to no energy and just a constant down feeling which I haven't been able to shake off.

For me blogging and filming for my youtube channel is my passion and the one thing I enjoy and not posting for a month has made me realise how much I missed it and how many ideas I had for blogposts. So I'm so happy to finally be back to blogging and next week I will be back to a schedule, Which I have recently changed to :

Monday - New blog post
Wednesday - New weekly Vlog
Friday - Sit down chatty video
Sunday - Sit down chatty video

Another thing that I wanted to update you all on is college, I currently do a level 2 nail technician beauty therapist course and it is honestly the perfect course for me. I have enjoyed every minute of it and I'm so happy that I did this course. Not only has it improved my skills in makeup artistry and nails but my confidence has grown hugely.
I'm still unsure which route I'm going to do for next year yet, at the minute I'm looking at doing level 3 media makeup and hair as I want to eventually go into theatrical makeup and special effects. I also like the sound of doing the spa /electrical route and it would mean i'd be able to do an apprenticeship which would be great.

This week I had an interview for a job in a beauty store on a nail bar and also working with cosmetics and it went really well and I should hear back from them next week so fingers crossed!

I hope you're all doing well and ill be back with a new blog post on Monday! Sorry for this being such a ramble of a post!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Current favourite makeup products!

Recently I have been experimenting with a variety of different makeup items, some of which are new to my collection and others that have been sitting in my draw unused for months. I thought I would share with you some of my favourites and my opinions on them.

Makeup Revolution highlighter 'Golden lights' :

I picked up this highlighter from superdrug as I had heard such amazing things about this product all over youtube and other social media platforms and I had never tried any of the highlighters from this brand before. I picked this shade as it was different to other highlighters in my collection and it wasn't to in your face gold as I tend to find they don't suit my skin tone that much.
This product is highly pigmented and is really build able so you can have it as natural or as in your face as you'd like and for the price I think it's amazing and i will definitely be picking up more products from the range.

Essence superfine eyeliner pen 'black' :

Essence is a brand that as a whole I love and they have such high quality affordable products which I don't feel have enough hype around them. This eyeliner pen is so easy to use and have control with as the nip is really fine so you can get quite a lot of precision with it. It is really bold and black which I like as a lot of cheaper brands tend to be more of a grey colour with lack of pigmentation.

Zoeva rose golden eyeshadow palette:

This has been sat in my drawers for months and so I decided to get it and try and create some looks with it and I'm so impressed with the eyeshadows in this palette and don't know why I ever stopped using them! I find this palette is so versatile for creating lots of different looks with, it has 3 matte shadows and 8 shimmers and each shade is high in pigmentation and has high colour pay off. I find the shadows are really creamy and a few are duo chrome so they look different in certain lights. Overall for the price I think its amazing and I will be picking up some more palettes from this brand.

YSL Touche eclat le teint:

This foundation is  medium to full coverage which is easily build able, it has quite a dewey finish to it which I personally love. This just makes my skin look flawless and have a healthy glow to it without looking oily. This is a high end foundation so it is more on the pricey side but for me personally it's worth the splurge.

Makeup revolution pressed powder ' Translucent' :

I picked up this foundation when shopping recently as I have quite oily skin and find it difficult to find a powder which makes my face look matte without making it look cakey and adding a  orange cast to it. This powder makes my face look matte and doesn't add any extra colour or coverage to my face which I like and it is great value for money.

Kylie Cosmetics 'Koko K' liquid lipstick:

Recently I have been loving matte liquid lipsticks as I find they are so easy to wear, they stay in put throughout the day and look great for this time of the year. So far the Kylie cosmetics formula is my favourite as it doesn't dry my lips out or settle in fine lines and stays in put all day. This colour is perfect for the spring it's a gorgeous mauve pink with a blue undertone to it.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my current favourite makeup products! I'd love to know what your current favourites are and what I should try out next.